Adshares app wallet

Title: Adshares app wallet
Intro: The smartphone is an integral part of our lives and is a small version of a computer. The development of technology has meant that today’s smartphones are used for more than just calls and text messages. We are able to handle a large part of business matters using this device.

  • Motivation: I believe that an Adshares app wallet with many functions is necessary for the adoption of Adshares technology. More and more activities that we used to be able to do only with a computer, now we are able to do from anywhere using an application on a smartphone with Internet access. What is more the smartphone app would solve the problem of moving from web2 to web3.
  • Specification: The Adshares app wallet would be a non-custodian multichain wallet, supporting mainly the native adshares network, but with a built-in function for wrapping to other networks as currently: Polygon, BSC, Ethereum. In addition to the wrap/unwrap function, it would be possible to swap to stablecoins as well as currencies like USD, EUR etc. The function of ADS swap to fiat currencies would result from the possibility of on/off ramps that this application would give. The application will give the possibility of using liquid staking for ADS holders on the native network. In the further development of the application, it will be possible to extend the function of connecting the wallet with Dapps. Of course, the primary function of the wallet in the form of an application will be to provide a secure tool for easy transition from web2 to web3 (and vice versa), convenient purchase of ADS using fiat currencies (no need to use CEX, DEX), receiving and making payments for advertisements, converting ADS profits to currencies.
  • Steps/Milestones: At the start, it can be provided a basic version of the wallet, expanded over time with the functions listed above e.g. native wallet wrap function, swap, on/off ramp.
  • Timeline: The time to build such an application depends on several issues: funds, IT devs, implemented solutions, beta tests, compatibility with Android and iOS systems, licenses. It probably takes several years to build such a fully functional wallet.
  • Cost: I am not a developer or not related to IT, so I am not able to estimate the costs, which are probably high, wanting to create an application with all functions.
  • Risks: Problem of securrity, app bugs, licences to provide on/off ramp funkcion, KYC problem while using fiat currencies.
  • YES
  • NO

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I believe that setting up a mobile wallet is a good move and the next step in the development of the Adshares protocol. However, such an application involves very high costs when implementing the idea and testing it. Looking at what problems @adshares solves, it seems to me that this may be a good solution for the future in a year, two, three, when metaverses will be used by many more people. The project needs to be more publicized sooner. Then the wallet will be the right tool as the next step in the development of the project.

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Yes, I realise that creating such an app is a great adventure…

Advantages of Adshares app wallet:

  1. Convenience: The app wallet would allow users to handle Adshares-related activities from their smartphones, making it easier for them to manage their assets and transactions.
  2. Improved accessibility: The app wallet would make it easier for users to transition from web2 to web3, thereby improving accessibility for those who are new to the technology.
  3. Increased security: By providing a non-custodian multichain wallet, the Adshares app wallet would improve security for users’ assets and transactions.
  4. Improved Liquidity: With the possibility of on/off ramps, the app wallet would provide improved liquidity by allowing users to convert ADS profits to fiat currencies.
  5. Increased usability: The app wallet would make it easier for users to make and receive payments for advertisements and to purchase ADS using fiat currencies, thereby increasing usability.

Disadvantages of Adshares app wallet:

  1. High costs: Developing such a fully functional wallet with all the listed functions would likely be expensive and time-consuming.
  2. Security risks: There are security risks associated with app wallets, such as app bugs and problems with security, which would need to be addressed during development.
  3. Licensing issues: The app wallet would need to obtain licenses to provide on/off ramp functionality, which could be difficult or expensive to obtain.
  4. KYC problems: The app wallet would need to implement Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to comply with regulations when using fiat currencies, which could result in additional costs and inconvenience for users.

Conclusion: An Adshares app wallet with the functions outlined in the proposal could bring many benefits to the Adshares ecosystem, including improved convenience, accessibility, security, liquidity, and usability. However, the development of such a fully functional wallet would likely be expensive and time-consuming and would require addressing security risks, licensing issues, and KYC problems. Overall, the Adshares app wallet could be a valuable addition to the project and could help to increase adoption and improve the user experience for clients and partners.

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Hello, I think it’s a very interesting proposition. You are right that nowadays everyone has a phone that has everything and everyone wants to have access to everything at hand, hence a mobile wallet would definitely improve quick access anywhere.
The downside is the specific costs and the need to constantly work on the wallet. Here, the team should define the necessity and feasibility of implementing such a solution.

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Next valuable proposal. Currently we are addicted of one device to get access to our wallet. Especially now when I have personal issues with computer, sure that funds are save, but not comfortable of restricted access to this. Assume most of us have and use smartphones in common, computers rather to “business things”, work, some moves on market, metaverse etc. However I would like to see more wallets as a phone application, same as having bank application it’s so convinient. We like clients of wallets, maybe don’t make so many moves regularly, could cause expensive improvement, convinent over utylity. If that improvement could happened probably will be in two parts, firstly for Android device nextly for iOS what is common practice. Would like to see sometimes making wallets for smartphones as standard not only talking about Adshares, but all crypto business.

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I can’t give one, clear assessment of this idea. Personally, I’m the one who don’t have any computer and I’m forced to use only my phone with all the actions I need to do in the internet. That’s why I find the idea of creating the app wallet useful. But I also wonder why we need a dedicated Adshares wallet at all. I see most of the people prefer using one wallet for all the blochchains and tokens they have and they would probably just hold their ADS in MetaMask. That’s why I don’t know if it’s necessary to spend the money for creating the app, maybe the deskop version is enough for now.

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Great idea. Most of the ppl have much easier access to their phones the PCs/laptops. It will help to get more investors as well and make our live much easier too. The app should have swap feature too. My vote is 100% yes but I don’t know what is the cost to build and issue that kind of app so final decision I will leave with team

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I occasionally use mobile wallets. I’m also not sure if it will significantly increase the use of the Adshares network. It seems to me not, but if the costs of such an app are not high, it’s worth it, because it’s another brick for greater adoption. I realize that there is a large part of users who use mobile applications, wallets, so this can be very good news for them.

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I don’t think it’s worth implementing, but it’s a good idea. Support for the native network on the wallet will basically do nothing, payments in the advertising industry are rather done through offices where there is a desktop computer. And we retailers do not need an application to trade.

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Are you for or against? Because the introduction is confusing… That’s right, big companies serve their advertisements using computers. However, both Adshares and web3 are there to break the hegemony of large corporations and benefit every web3 user. What’s more, Decentraland has plans to release an application for the phone, and in addition, looking to the future, we are moving towards miniaturization and replacing computers in favor of smaller devices, e.g. a smartphone. An example are games that are developing strongly in terms of mobile applications… Of course we are here to discuss, and my proposal is time and money consuming…

I agree with the proposal for the development of an app wallet as it seems like a good idea. In fact, this topic was asked on Discord back in October 2022, and while a team member stated that a mobile wallet was in the plans, it wasn’t a priority at the time, so it is valid to revisit the discussion today.

What I see as positive is that having a mobile app would provide an additional tool that makes it easier for users to access the Adshares ecosystem. Additionally, the potential to connect with mobile dApps in the future is an essential feature for the growth of Adshares technology.

On the other hand, one potential challenge could be the complexity of developing an app with all of the proposed functions. It might be a good idea to start with a MVP and continue iterating as we test and refine the app.

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I think mobile wallet is very good thing but when we want to grow up adoption of user we need to add sign up with email or google account. As more simple it’ll be as we could have more users and more benefits!

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A mobile wallet would allow for a wider audience to be reached especially sense more individuals are likely to have a smartphone over having a PC/Laptop.

  1. More Adoption


  1. Difficulty to implement functions