Adshares building application

Adshares building usability

Introduction: In order to increase recognition and encourage people to use the decentraland, and thus watch ads, I came up with the idea that in the building there would be a simple game or wall where you would have to press a button in order to complete a task for which $ADS or points would be awarded XP to Crew3

Motivation: Implementing such a solution will somehow force and get people used to using Decentraland and getting used to the #Adshares building where they will encounter other types of advertising of the project itself. You could implement, for example, missions such as players perform in Sandbox. Collect, for example, the #Adshares logo from various places on the plot or, if possible, also on the plots of our partners.
If the prize would be a direct $ADS coin, then a button should be installed on the top of the building that should be pressed, something like faucets for cryptocurrencies or play&earn games called clickers.

Specification: generally you need a programmer who can program such simple functions of interaction with a building or a mini-game.

Steps/Milestones: You will need a programmer who is on board anyway spending is probably a bonus for him :D.

Timeline: The idea can be implemented when the new building is ready and a new crew3 quest starts if the reward would be XP points.
Cost: the total cost of the offer.

Risk: There is no risk, at most the idea will fail when there will be a small reward for doing the mission.

I don’t know how to set up a vote


Hmm Faucets… I don’t have a good opinion about faucets if it comes to ADS. We need to think about real value for Advertisers and how to reach them.

Please explain more about who would pay the prize and why?

I think the proposal from @Ziag is quite good. Such simple actions can promote the project. Thanks to this, people who did not know about the existence and use of metavers can learn about the project. Considering the work that needs to be put into the implementation of this solution and the benefits it can bring, I am positive about implementing this idea. You just need to work out the details.
What will be the cost of implementing such a project? What will the rewards be? How long will this action last? Will it be cyclical?

this is good idea that would mobilize more people to visit Decentraland and thus greater Adshares recognition.

in additional benefit for the project would be that a person who would like to take $ADS from a faucet would have to set up an ADS wallet, and this would increase the number of people using the network

Hi, if I understood the proposal correctly, it is directed strictly to people who are involved in crew3 tasks? If so, it’s a kind of differentiation of quests and maybe it will encourage people who have not dealt with Decentraland so far to become familiar with this type of metaverse and banners appearing there. However, when it comes to promoting the idea of implementing the Adshares e.g. in metavers, proposed manner and form are hardly adequate. I suspect that most people participating in crew3 are not owners of lands in Decentraland
so they will not be interested in delving into the implementation of the Adshares protocol to display ads in their land. Then, what pool and from where would be provided for this type of faucet? In general, I believe that for Adshares to gain more recognition and, above all, to be used, Decentraland itself needs strong marketing and a lot of development to encourage the use of this metaverse. And above all, any large company that is or will join Decentraland will use Adshares for advertising, entering into a partnership and advertising the implementation of Adshares.
Your idea @Ziag is interesting nonetheless.

Nice idea mini-game allow you to compete with other people and give you the opportunity to learn new information about #Adshares