Adshares Ecosystem Expansion Through DeFi Integration

Intro: This proposal suggests integrating Adshares with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to expand the ecosystem, increase liquidity, and create new revenue streams.

Motivation: Adshares’ ecosystem would benefit significantly from DeFi integration. It will provide additional liquidity to Adshares’ token, ADST, and enable users to leverage ADST as collateral for DeFi loans. Furthermore, integrating Adshares with DeFi will expand the project’s audience and attract new users interested in both advertising and DeFi.


  • Integrate ADST with major DeFi protocols like Compound, Aave, and MakerDAO.
  • Create a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Adshares ecosystem that enables users to trade ADST and other tokens.
  • Develop a bridge between Adshares’ native blockchain and Ethereum to facilitate cross-chain asset transfers.
  • Launch ADST-based DeFi products like yield farming, liquidity pools, and lending/borrowing.
  • Implement a governance system for ADST holders to vote on changes to the DeFi integration.


  1. Research and evaluate the best DeFi protocols to integrate with ADST.
  2. Develop and deploy the DEX on the Adshares ecosystem.
  3. Build the bridge between Adshares and Ethereum.
  4. Launch ADST-based DeFi products and test them thoroughly.
  5. Implement the governance system for ADST holders to vote on changes to the DeFi integration.


  • Research and evaluation: 1 month
  • DEX development and deployment: 3 months
  • Bridge development and deployment: 2 months
  • ADST-based DeFi product launch: 4 months
  • Governance system implementation: 2 months

Cost: The total cost of this proposal is estimated to be around $500,000. The expenses include development costs, marketing costs, and operational costs.


  1. Regulatory risks associated with DeFi and cryptocurrency could impact the success of the proposal.
  2. Integration with DeFi requires a lot of development work and may divert resources from Adshares’ core business.
  3. ADST-based DeFi products are subject to risks associated with smart contracts and market volatility.

The more utility the better and this is one of those cases where the Ads coin will see even more value. DeFi will eventually become a major necessity if we are to move away from the traditional financial system and getting into the space will be good for Adshares.

  1. More utility for the coin
  2. More eyes on the project and company
  3. Uncertain regulatory framework
  4. Manpower to bring Ads into defi
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It’s hard for me to say unequivocally whether this is a good or bad idea.

On the one hand, greater liquidity of tokens means greater recognition, greater adoption and probably a greater chance of a high price of ADS coins. On the other hand, it increases speculation on the token.

As far as I understand the project’s ideas, Adshares puts emphasis on usability, foundations and not on speculation. Questions are often asked, e.g. about listing on a large stock exchange, and this was usually the answer.

As an investor, I would like the coin to grow heavily to make a profit. But as an enthusiast of freedom solutions, I would like the project to be useful, necessary and self-financing.

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