ADShares Exchange idea

Good evening ADShares Crew.
During today’s meeting, when I waited for answers from Jacex to my questions:

  • How would you describe metaverse purpose to a person who doesn’t know anything about it?
  • How is the metaverse beneficial to people?
    I came up with an idea of how to bring together current and future people interested in the metaverse topic. The answer is to create a place for the metaverse people. I am not sure if there is any similar project ongoing or not (haven’t done research about it).
    How is the idea beneficial for ADShares you may ask. The answer is simple: While bringing ‘‘the metaverse people’’ together ADShares project gains new clients/members during the process.
    Why create an exchange?
  1. More use area for ADShares token
  2. ADShares Exchange can offer other metaverse projects shoot out/advertisement
  3. Bring more use to the ADShares network.
  4. If you want to be #1 in the advertisement/metaverse/crypto world then you have to be #1 who offers the solution for in this case ‘‘the metaverse people’’ by creating a place for them to do their thing.
  5. Generating money with the exchange by promoting projects/news and etc.

This is my raw idea, now it’s ADShares Family’s turn to turn this idea even better. Figure out risks, costs and even a timeline when to start with this project.

Voting is down below, if you agree (It’s a nice idea, give it a shot) / disagree (no it’s not for ADShares)

Thank you for you attention!

ADShares member,

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  • NO

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my personal take on this is it’s adding more use case for the ADS coin and will bring more eyes to the adshares company. At this stage in the crypto market especially throughout the reminder of the bear market heading into the bull market investor(retail and institution) i feel will gravitate heavily towards coins/tokens with a lot of useful utility.
Pros of Having an exchange

  1. Brings in more utility for the coin as mentioned above
  2. The coin becomes even scarce driving up the price over time


  1. At this time building an exchange especially a CEX without regulatory clarity is tricking with all the collapses over the pass year

Is an exchange needed in the Adshares ecosystem probably not but having one either a CEX or DEX wouldn’t hurt either once it doesn’t interfer with the ultimate goal of the team

I don’t think so it could be good idea. But I see any light in the tunell.

Partnership with launchpads!!! Where listing projects ,can have extra profit in form of advertising him in metaverse by Adshares, of course in return Adshares can get extra pay in project token, or project should buy part of $ADS by self tokens and hodl for some time

I’m not entirely sure if I understand your idea correctly, Khipz. Are you proposing the creation of a virtual space within the metaverse for the purpose of token exchange?

However, I think it may not align with the mission and goals of Adshares as a project. While the intention of attracting more users and promoting the brand may be valid, it may be worth exploring other options that are more in line with our the current business model. IMO, the focus should be on providing value for advertisers and publishers, and reaching as many of them as possible to enter the ecosystem. Creating an exchange would involve entering a different business model that may not be compatible with the objectives of Adshares.

Hi, If I understood correctly, you want to create an exchange based on the ADS token? In that case, what is the exchange supposed to be: CEX or DEX??
Personally, I am against the creation of such an exchange. Namely, for several reasons:

  • providing liquidity and pairs for trading (example of Chiliz)
  • if it’s going to be CEX, then regulations and breaking through to individual countries involve a lot of work
  • there are enough exchanges that have their short moments of hype, then bear market and new ones take their place, so it’s hard to maintain interest in such an exchange with a limited offer to its users
  • usability and the Adshares project itself is to serve a completely different purpose