Adshares in nature!

Today I would like to introduce you to my idea related to promoting the Adshares project and reaching a larger community.

Title: My idea is to take the project outside and create an outdoor event in a place where many young people gather. A good opportunity for this may be e.g. Juwenalia or other outdoor events for students or e.g. family picnics. During such an event, Adshares can open its stand with a project presentation, VR glasses, several computers and show new people the metaverse, decentraland and the Adshares project.

With the people presented above, it will be possible to reach a large number of people at a young age who should be interested in such novelties. An event in this form will be a very pleasant form of getting acquainted with the project during other interesting activities. For people who are in a given place, it will certainly be a surprise and something worth checking out. At the same time, I believe that it will attract new people to the Adshares community who have not previously had contact with the crypto and metaverse.

The tools that will be needed to create such an event are certainly a few computers, monitors that can be taken from the office. Advertising banners will come in handy (this time in the real world :slight_smile: ) additionally leaflets promoting the project, tables, chairs, fudge, pens.
In addition, for 10-20 people who register on the site and create their account, you can distribute a prize of $ 300 ADS in total.

To implement this idea, you need the team’s willingness to go outside. When it comes to manpower, 3-4 people from the team are enough, additionally advertising and promotional materials such as fudge, pens, stickers, $ADS tokens.

The events would take place in the summer. If the idea catches on, you can organize several such meetings during the season.

Cost: around $1000

Risks: It may be the weather.

Yes or No?