Adshares Influencer Marketing Program (AIMP)

Intro: The Adshares Influencer Marketing Program (AIMP) is a proposal to create a comprehensive, targeted, and incentive-driven influencer marketing campaign to raise awareness, increase user adoption, and drive revenue for the Adshares ecosystem.

Motivation: Adshares has a solid platform and technology, but to expand its reach and attract new users, partners, and advertisers, it needs to tap into the influential power of social media and online personalities. By partnering with relevant influencers, we can leverage their reach and credibility to effectively promote Adshares and grow the ecosystem.

Specification: The AIMP will consist of a strategic partnership program with key influencers in the digital advertising, cryptocurrency, and blockchain industries. Influencers will be selected based on their reach, target audience, and alignment with Adshares’ values. The program will include sponsored content, product reviews, and endorsements, as well as influencer-hosted webinars and events.


  1. Research and identify key influencers in the target industries.
  2. Reach out to potential influencers and negotiate partnerships.
  3. Develop tailored marketing materials for each influencer to use.
  4. Launch the influencer marketing campaign.
  5. Monitor and track the effectiveness of the campaign.
  6. Optimize and iterate the campaign as needed.


  • Research and Influencer Identification: 1 month
  • Outreach and Partnership Negotiation: 2 months
  • Marketing Material Development: 1 month
  • Campaign Launch: 1 month after finalizing partnerships
  • Ongoing monitoring, optimization, and iteration: 6 months and beyond

Cost: The total cost of implementing the AIMP will depend on the number of influencers, the scope of their partnerships, and the resources needed to develop marketing materials. A rough estimate of the initial budget for this proposal is $150,000.


  1. Influencer partnerships may not yield the expected results in terms of reach, engagement, and user adoption.
  2. Negative influencer associations or controversies could potentially harm Adshares’ reputation.
  3. Fluctuations in the market and industry trends could affect the success of the influencer marketing campaign.

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Voting Options:

  1. YES - Support the implementation of the Adshares Influencer Marketing Program (AIMP).
  2. NO - Do not support the implementation of the Adshares Influencer Marketing Program (AIMP).
  • YES - Support the implementation of the Adshares Influencer Marketing Program (AIMP).
  • NO - Do not support the implementation of the Adshares Influencer Marketing Program (AIMP).

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  1. Increased exposure: By collaborating with influencers, Adshares could gain access to their followers, which could help to increase the project’s exposure.
  2. Cost-effective: Compared to traditional advertising methods, influencer marketing can be cost-effective, as influencers often charge less than traditional advertising methods.
  3. Targeted audience: Influencer marketing allows Adshares to target a specific audience and demographic that is likely to be interested in the project, which could lead to better engagement and conversions.
  4. Credibility: Influencers can provide social proof and credibility to the Adshares project by endorsing it.


  1. Risk of low ROI: Influencer marketing is not a guarantee for success, and the ROI can be low if the chosen influencers don’t resonate with their audience or don’t have a significant impact on their followers.
  2. Limited reach: While influencer marketing can be cost-effective, it may have a limited reach compared to other advertising methods, which could result in a smaller impact on Adshares’ exposure.
  3. Difficulty in finding the right influencers: It can be challenging to identify the right influencers who have the right audience and align with the Adshares project’s values and mission.
  4. Negative publicity: Partnering with an influencer who later experiences negative publicity or scandal could result in negative associations with Adshares.

Conclusion: Overall, I think the Adshares Influencer Marketing Program proposal is a good idea that could potentially benefit the project by increasing exposure, targeting a specific audience, and providing social proof. However, there are also potential downsides, such as the risk of low ROI and difficulty in finding the right influencers. If Adshares decides to proceed with this proposal, it would be essential to conduct thorough research to identify the most suitable influencers and carefully evaluate the campaign’s effectiveness. In my opinion, the success of the AIMP would depend on how well Adshares is able to navigate these potential challenges.

In my opinion, “supporting” influencers is a good idea, but to keep costs down, I think you can use free temporary Adshares banner ads in Decentraland as a reward. Most of the banners are unfortunately empty. Launching a campaign of free ads for influencers is an additional benefit; banners are not empty. For a new person exploring Decentraland, it may seem strange that so many banners are empty. So everyone should care about it, but they were showing a lot of ads because it means that “something is going on” and the project is working properly.

I think it is worth evaluating and discussing this idea for potential implementation. The AIMP could be beneficial in achieving broader reach and exposure for Adshares. It is true that there have been instances of fraudulent behavior associated with influencers, but it’s important to consider that not all influencers engage in such practices. By carefully selecting influencers who align with Adshares’ mission and values, we can mitigate some of the risks.

Today, we have proven tools like Adshares Social available for use in achieving marketing goals, albeit with a current focus on Twitter. However, it is worth noting that Twitter is currently one of the most influential platforms in the Web3 world. Leveraging platforms like Adshares Social can help us reach a wider audience in an organic manner and increase product recognition within a relatively short timeframe and at a relatively low cost.

Nevertheless, one challenge we may encounter is identifying and selecting influencers who are truly valuable and aligned with Adshares. In conclusion, I find this proposal intriguing, and I believe it would be beneficial to seek input from the rest of the community.

In my opinion, supporting influencers is a very good idea, but to reduce costs as a reward, you can use free Adshares temporary advertising banners in Decentraland. Most banners are empty anyway. For a newcomer to Decentraland, it may seem strange that so many banners are empty. So everyone should be concerned about showing a lot of ads because it means the project is working as it should.
Secondly: I think that this idea is worth evaluating and discussing in terms of possible implementation. AIMP can be beneficial in achieving wider reach and exposure for Adshare.
Today, we also have proven tools, such as Adshares Social, that can be used to achieve marketing goals. The use of platforms such as Adshares Social can help us reach a wider audience organically and increase product recognition in a relatively short time and at a relatively low cost.