Adshares Marketplace Integration with Major Payment Gateways

Intro: The proposal aims to integrate the Adshares Marketplace with major payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and BitPay. This integration will enable users to conduct transactions seamlessly and securely within the Adshares ecosystem.

Motivation: As an advertising platform, Adshares provides a marketplace for publishers and advertisers to buy and sell ad space using ADS cryptocurrency. Currently, users have limited options for payment methods, which may hinder the adoption and growth of the platform. By integrating Adshares with major payment gateways, we can provide more payment options for users, leading to more efficient and seamless transactions. This will increase the adoption and growth of the platform while making it more accessible to the general public.

Specification: The integration of Adshares Marketplace with major payment gateways will require the development of APIs and software integrations. The technical team will work on developing a secure and reliable payment gateway for users to transact seamlessly. The integration will be done in phases, starting with PayPal, Stripe, and BitPay, which are widely adopted payment gateways globally.


  1. Research and Development - The technical team will conduct a thorough research and development on the integration process.
  2. API Development - The team will develop APIs for each payment gateway.
  3. Integration Testing - The team will conduct integration testing on each payment gateway to ensure seamless transactions.
  4. Deployment - The integration will be deployed in phases, starting with PayPal, Stripe, and BitPay.


  • Research and Development: 1 month
  • API Development: 3 months
  • Integration Testing: 2 months
  • Deployment: 3 months

Cost: The cost of integrating Adshares with major payment gateways will be $250,000. This includes expenses for development, testing, and deployment.

Risks: The primary risks of the proposal are the potential technical challenges in integrating Adshares with each payment gateway. This may cause delays in the deployment process. Additionally, the market adoption of the payment gateways may vary based on geographic regions, and some payment gateways may be unavailable in certain countries. However, the benefits of the integration far outweigh the potential risks, and the technical team will work to mitigate any challenges that arise during the implementation process.

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I stand behind this proposal. Having different options for businesses and individuals to be able to pay for the services that Adshares is providing and has in the works will be critial for mass adoption. Having few means of payments limits who all can access what is offered by the company.

  1. Facilitate mass adoption
  2. Ease of payments
  3. Time it takes to get these different payment options onboard
  4. Technical challenges as stated in the proposal

The payment gateway proposal is good, but does it make sense to work on it now when it will only be used to purchase one product, which is $ADS ??. In the future, definitely YES and now to buy ADS as an investment, just buy on DEX or CEX.

I love possibility of buying crypto using paypal, apple pay etc. It is much easier then using CEX and then transfering funda to mm or other wallets but $250 000 seems too high in this difficult time especialy when ADS is below $1. Maybe any partnership with that benefit for free?

hello, the proposal is the most interesting and worth considering, because it gives more opportunities to connect the world of web2 with web3. However, the costs and work related to the implementation of such solutions could heavily burden the project at its current level. Currently, you can purchase ADS directly from the Adshares website through the payment platform

This proposal is a smart move to increase the platform’s adoption and make it more accessible to the general public. Here are two points in favor and two points against the proposal:

Two points in favor:

  1. More payment options will increase the platform’s user base: By integrating with major payment gateways, Adshares Marketplace will become more accessible to users who prefer to use traditional payment methods.
  2. More seamless transactions: The integration will make transactions on the platform more efficient and seamless, which will improve the user experience and encourage more transactions.

Two points against:

  1. The cost of integration: The cost is significant, at $250,000. While this may be a reasonable investment for Adshares in the long run, it’s important to consider the short-term impact on the company’s finances.
  2. Technical challenges and potential delays: Integrating with each payment gateway may present technical challenges that could cause delays in the deployment process.

Overall, I believe that the benefits of integrating Adshares Marketplace with major payment gateways outweigh the potential risks. The increased accessibility and efficiency of the platform could lead to increased adoption and revenue. Furthermore, as someone said above, the integration with is currently a very simple on-ramping solution.

I like the idea. Definitely some brands would find much easier to use popular payment gateways than buying ADS coin through the exchange/ Adshares page and use it for payment. This could be a significant step for futher growth. The milestones are planed very well. I’m a bit worried about estimated cost, especially during the bear market. But it’s something really neccessary for the future.

We have an offer from Transak to integrate for $25k.