Adshares protocol and "watch to earn" trend

ADSHARES and “watch to earn”

For some time I have been wondering if it is possible to combine the usability and technology of Adshares with such a mini trend as “watch and earn”.

Unfortunately, I do not have the appropriate knowledge to make a ready-made business plan. However, following several projects that have implemented the possibility of watching ads and earning, I wonder how Adshares can find itself in this.

Thinking about it, various questions arise. So I propose a “brainstorming” where we exchange our ideas for new possibilities. Probably most of these proposals will be unrealistic or difficult to implement, but perhaps there will be a gem among these ideas.

I’ll start with this idea:

  • I wonder if Adshares would be able to create a ready-made, easy tool for implementing the “watch to earn” advertising function for mainly gaming projects. I think the gaming trend in blockchain has not had the last word. This is how it often works in applications with, let’s call it, “web2”, i.e. you watch ads and earn a native coin, or simply thanks to this, you can play for free.
    Perhaps it would be possible to create some sensible economy around this idea, e.g. someone who would like to use this tool and implement it in their application would have to pay in the $ADS token

Hi, I find the proposal interesting. Watch and Earn is a trend that started in the previous bull market, but has not developed much, I see great opportunities here. Rewards for watching ads would not be much, e.g. hundredths of the $ADS token for one ad. In my opinion, it would scare off bounty hunters, because the bounty will be too small. When implementing such a solution, it is essential to ensure that bots do not steal all the rewards from the treasury. Hence, a good solution will be to connect to a social media account where I have real friends, e.g. Twitter, Discord, additionally securing an e-mail with confirmation of logging in to the account.

Hi, in my opinion, the proposal itself as watch and earn is not entirely good, due to the fact that the viewer does not have to derive any knowledge from it, but only to play an ad doing something completely different. I would suggest a connection here, for example, with my proposal for a quiz. In such a way that after viewing a given material, a QUIZ containing questions about the displayed material appears. This will cause the user to watch with comprehension and in addition $ADS injection :slight_smile: