Adshares Quiz Time

Hi, today I was wondering how to attract more people to #ADSHARES while increasing their knowledge about the project.

Intro:. The solution may be to introduce a quiz about Adshares. It would consist in the fact that once in a while (e.g. every week) there will be a quiz with a few questions (number of questions about thoughts) about the project. For answering all questions correctly, the user would be rewarded with $ADS (I think starting $3 in ADS will be OK). The quiz would appear on the discord channel. In addition, to minimize the risk of people appearing only once or twice to get free ADS, it should be a minimum amount of ADS collected to be available to claim( let’s say equivalent of $20).

Motivation: The introduction of such a solution will increase the number of people interested in the project, people, due to the desire to get “free money”, will inadvertently learn about the project, additionally encouraging others. Setting a minimum payout and time limit will motivate people to deepen their knowledge to have a real opportunity to earn ADS coins.

Specification: In general, creating a quiz does not require any special requirements apart from a programmer who will create the appropriate mechanism, and a person who will compose questions and verify them.
Milestones: Arranging a quiz and implementing it within a certain deadline on the discord channel

Timeline: The idea can be implemented immediately.

Cost: Additional remuneration for the person running the discord channel.
Risk: None, with a large number of new people associated with “free” money, you can increase the difficulty of the questions to remove such users in a natural way.
Vote: Enter in comment
1 - yes
2 - no
3 - abstains

Overally yes, great idea.
Would like to see more quizes with Adshares even for XP in current sprint. Once a week could be hard to do regularly, but once a month should be easly able to do. About 3$ or 3ADS per month can be a nice opportunity. Maybe a some different version of quiz, with scalling (1st quiz: 1ADS reward, 2nd: 3ADS reward, 3rd: 5ADS reward or more), to engage to be involved in project in long term, also including activity on Crew3.
Adshares has clear description, shedule, be in reward zone is quite easy, so it could bring more people to community. If they will have chance to get a small part of ADS by quiz and could get some extra by doing quests to Crew3 by competition with each other it should lead to more activity with this project.
Members can drop some proposition to quiz, by gain some XP.

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I vote for 1 and now listen to why​:grin: Most of the ppl started their crypto path with airdrops etc and then they bought more and more to make their wallet bigger. I bet 70-80% of ppl which will join the quizes will but some $ADS and will bring their friends, family etc It should expand our community fast and in good direction. When the price of ADS will reach $200 in the next bull market everybody will talk that received 10 ADS in 2023 for making a quizes :grin:

2 NO
For me, $3 for a quiz is too much, all the Chinese etc will soon merge and drain the pool to zero in 1 minute and that’s it.

Hmm… Interesting idea, but I somewhat agree with Ziag that there is a risk that the “professionals” will drain the treasury. I think that the prizes in this case should not be guaranteed for everyone, i.e. there should be a predetermined pool that we can allocate and a certain number of winners. If the number of participants is greater than the expected number of prizes - it will be decided by a draw or some other criterion that I can’t think of at the moment. :slight_smile: Certainly the advantage of this proposal is low costs. It is worth a try.

A bit laconic opinion :slight_smile: $ 3 is a loose proposition, you can discuss it for the team and users.

As I mentioned in Ziag’s answer, $3 is a loose proposition for discussion :slight_smile: An interesting idea with a limitation, worth discussing. In general, I think that the proposal is good, but it would be worth specifying how often the quiz appears, what will be the value of the prize and possibly some restrictions.

Once a week may actually be too much (but this can be discussed with the team) Or you can diversify the rewards in some way and actually combine it with crew3 for greater involvement and the possibility of increasing XP :slight_smile:

Definitely 1. Very good idea. Firstly, a quiz related to the product would broaden the knowledge of $ADS holders. Secondly, with the Minimum $20 Requirement in $ADS, some of new people would have to buy coins for their wallet.

Vote 1.
From my side this kind of quiz will encourage a lot of people especially new one.
For this proposal I can add that kind of stacking this earned tokens will also be good idea.
This quiz could be also done somehow in Decentraland to increase of metaverse expirence and awareness

I like the idea of a quiz to generate engagement and bring more people to the project. The frequency and amount of reward can be discussed further.

It also aligns with a suggestion I made to the team a few weeks ago about using a decentralized platform ( for creating short courses. After completing a course, users receive a badge (an NFT gasless) to show their completion, which could be linked to the reward. This tool would also give visibility to the project in other web3 communities that are using the platform.

What I see as pros and cons:


  • The quiz would increase engagement among the current community and attract new members, leading to growth for the project.
  • Offering rewards for correct answers would incentivize users to learn more about the project and retain information about it.


  • The difficulty level of the questions could be a challenge to determine, to ensure that it is fair for all participants.
  • The reward system could potentially attract individuals who are only interested in earning the rewards, rather than genuinely engaging with the project.

I think it’s a great idea, I was thinking about something exacly the same for a while. I think quizes are the best way to engage the community, especially if you can earn some ‘free money’, even if it’s only a very small amount. I think the idea with a minimum payout is also good to keep people for longer period.

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Vote 1
Honestly this isn’t a bad idea. As stated it will draw in person who are reward hunting which in turn help spread awareness for the project and they will learn about the project/company through the quizzes.

  1. Spread knowledge about Adshares
  2. Bring more individuals into the discord
  3. Boost community engagement
  4. Price for correct answers a little high

All in all I like the idea lets see where it goes

The idea is quite good. Quizzes always attract many interested people, and if answering a question about the project will give you the opportunity to receive a prize in the future, the idea seems to be even more interesting. I would make the frequency dependent on the events that are happening around the project. So I wouldn’t specify specific time intervals - that might attract airdrop hunters. In this case, irregularity will be better. Great idea for me!


  • The Adshares Quiz Time would be a fun and interactive way to engage users and potential clients, helping to increase brand awareness and potentially attract new clients to the Adshares platform.
  • The quiz could also serve as a useful tool for educating users about Adshares, its features, and the benefits of using the platform.
  • The proposal suggests offering rewards for users who participate in the quiz, which could incentivize participation and help to build a loyal community around the Adshares platform.


  • The proposal does not provide specific details about how the quiz would be structured, what type of questions would be asked, or what the rewards for participation would be. Without these details, it is difficult to fully assess the potential impact of the proposal.
  • If the quiz is not well-designed or does not offer meaningful rewards, it could potentially backfire and harm Adshares’ reputation among users.

Conclusion: Overall, I believe that the Adshares Quiz Time proposal has the potential to be a valuable addition to the platform, but it will depend on how well it is executed. If the quiz is well-designed and offers meaningful rewards, it could help to increase engagement and build a loyal community around Adshares. However, if the quiz is not well-implemented, it could have a negative impact on the platform’s reputation. Therefore, it is important for Adshares to carefully consider the details of the proposal and ensure that the quiz is designed in a way that is both fun and informative for users.