Adshares Web3 Advertising Expansion Initiative

Intro: This proposal aims to expand Adshares’ reach in the web3 advertising market by developing new tools and partnering with key industry players, enhancing the Adshares ecosystem and attracting more participants.

Motivation: The web3 advertising market is rapidly growing, and Adshares should seize this opportunity to establish itself as a leading player in this space. By expanding our reach, we can help drive the adoption of $ADS coin and the Adshares protocol, benefiting the community and partners.

Specification: The initiative will focus on developing new web3 advertising tools, establishing strategic partnerships with key industry players, and creating educational content to promote web3 advertising benefits.


  1. Research and identify potential web3 advertising tools and features.
  2. Develop and integrate these tools into the Adshares ecosystem.
  3. Identify key industry players for potential partnerships.
  4. Establish and maintain strategic partnerships.
  5. Create and publish educational content on web3 advertising.


  • Start date: Immediately upon approval
  • Milestone 1 (Research & Development): 3 months
  • Milestone 2 (Partnerships): 6 months
  • Milestone 3 (Content Creation): 9 months
  • Finish date: 12 months

Cost: The estimated cost for this proposal is $150,000, which will cover the development of new tools, partnership establishment, and content creation.

Risks: Potential risks include difficulty in establishing partnerships, delays in tool development, and the fast-paced evolution of the web3 advertising market.

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