AI governance. Is it possible to enable the evolution of a smart ecosystem?

In general, the topic of AI is very interesting. This is often associated with a lack of knowledge about how it works. It’s hard to trust that AI decisions are the best. We have to understand it and get used to it. I had the opportunity to drive a Tesla in automatic mode. As a person who has been driving a car for 20 years, it was difficult for me to give the decision-making power to the machine. I felt very strange, and … for now, I would not like to repeat it. This is a strange and untrue feeling, because often in our lives we have no control over events and it is not a problem for us. For example, when flying an airplane, we often don’t even see the pilot, and the pilot actually only supervises the automaton.

I’m not sure about this, esspecially now. Mostly utylity of AI in my opinion is now for process optymalization of searching information for simple questions and helping making decision in simple problems. AI is the future, but now looks a bit overhyped. I guess it take a lot of time to make AI efficient ant trustft-worthy to giving wallet key to it. Same as most of tools we use in our live. AI should be a great assistant in making cold calculations, when our emotional decision fail. Like others, have a worries in ethical aspects. Maybe when some experiments proof it completly work in long term, without doubts, then I support this idea.


One potential strategy that could be considered in addition to this is the use of AI-powered project management tools. These tools can help to streamline and automate certain aspects of the project, such as task management and resource allocation, freeing up time and resources for the team to focus on more high-level tasks. AI-powered project management tools can also provide real-time insights and analysis on project progress, helping to identify areas for improvement and optimize the project’s overall efficiency.

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Reading the development of the topic then caught the eye of JACEXADS’s comment:

  • ''Looking at recent developments - I agree that AI can be very effective in gathering information and arguments to help make the right decision.
    I would suggest that AI gathers information and makes arguments — and DAO voters make a final, informed decision."

I agree with this idea because AI in collecting/processing data/information/arguments is probably more capable than humans.
Leaving DAO voters with the opportunity to make a final ‘‘human’’ decision using information analyzed by AI could be a very good idea.
I don’t agree with leaving judgment to AI, which should still be something the DAO voter should be able to do, because then the ‘‘exploitation’’ of AI will probably be canceled.
Thank you for your attention.

AI technology will give us many possibilities to do a lot of things faster and with more optimalize than now. We can use this to suggestion new things and check what’ve been with our things in other parts of lifes in past.

Interesting idea. I’m curious what decisions would AI make and why. Maybe there is something that we humans don’t see. On the other side AI could not be able to consider what is the best for the project as it involves the community and human behaviour. It’s worth a try in my opinion and it shouldn’t be much of a cost

I’m not really happy with voting in general. Most of the ppl votes without reading the case. They just vote for the highest vote answer which may not be a good for the whole community or project. Mostly is that to receive some airdrops etc. Votes should be only as a poll for creators to help them to make a right decision. that’s my opinion.