Creating an Advertising Marketplac for Decentraland (scalable for other Metaverses)

“Decentraland Advertising Marketplace”

Summary :

Decentraland is proving itself as an attractive place for brands, advertisers, and advertising agencies. But majority of advertising is still done OUTSIDE of Decentraland – on social media – including the Decentraland Community outreach.

Advertising is already ubiquitous across Decentraland - and can become an important part of the future income for the DAO. But it is highly unregulated and inconsistent in terms of technology and offerings.

Creating an official „Decentraland Advertising Marketplace” will help solve all that.

The Outcome of this Proposal is to create a Standard, and a Marketplace for advertising in Decentraland, based on the Adshares blockchain and data protocol.

Imagine: a platform, e.g. - where a user connects their wallet and gains immediate access to Campaigns, Placements, and many other tools for Advertisers and Publishers.

They can:

  • List their parcel as Available for ADS
  • Publish campaigns for their Galleries, Games, Experiences and Events – both inside Decentraland and other metaverses!
  • Automatically gain MANA for traffic on their parcels
  • Vote and Rate Advertisers and Publishers
  • Vote down inappropriate content
  • And much more

Abstract :

Implementing a decentralized advertising marketplace will enable a great upgrade for the management of advertising space, and ad campaigns across Decentraland.

This solution covers full range of technologies:

The User Interface/ Ad Server – with automatic Wallet connection and intuitive UX, like Marketplace

The Advertising network, including, but not limited to:

Screens in Public spaces (Plazas, Tram Stops, Roads etc.)

Bards and screens in Private spaces (Lands, Parcels, Buildings)

Common spaces (Sky)

GUI (Map, Explore)

Websites (in the domain)

The Data Protocol to connect Buyers (Advertisers) and Sellers (Owners) directly, over blockchain, providing full Token compatibility and automatic payouts.

ADSHARES is in the best position to provide such services, as the company already meets all selection criteria:

The ADSHARES blockchain solution provides the blockchain for all advertising payments, for any Metaverse, Website, App or Game.

The ADSHARES data protocol enables direct bidding and is already technically integrated with the Decentraland engine.

ADSHARES is already listed as Decentraland Verified Partner.

ADSHARES does not compete with the existing advertising providers – we only wish to provide a proven technological standard.

ADSHARES already operates a fully working ad server/marketplace, with all aforementioned functionalities.

Motivation :

Advertising has always been and will remain the driving force of Economy – it has already become ubiquitous across Decentraland.

And problems are already clearly visible:

  • “Ad pollution” – there are too many ads, on too many parcels, at the same time
  • Aesthetics – there is no “beauty standard” – so the creative quality is very inconsistent
  • Accountability – no proven standard for accurate reporting of ad effectiveness
  • Fraud – there are already ad-abusing systems (bots)

At the moment – there is no other technology which could effectively tackle these problems other than ADSHARES: a blockchain, immutable, transparent, decentralized and P2P protocol capable of processing millions of ad transactions every second, enabling monetization and governance of ad systems.

As stated before – ADSHARES does not compete with the existing creative agencies (PrecisionX, LandVault, 42meta, MetaViu or MetaResidents) or builders (Vegas City, Polygon Studios, Polygonal Mind and many others) – our ambition is to provide the underlying infrastructure, which will help in creating a healthier future decentralized ad economy.

Specification :

How this DIP will solve the problem:

  • Provide a ready and running, plug-and-play solution – save a lot of time and investment
  • Provide more DAO governance over advertising in Decentraland
  • Provide a new revenue stream for the DCL Foundation – monetizing public ad spaces
  • Foundation will gain a new revenue stream – a DAO-owned SSP enabling Advertisers to reach DCL Community – and vice versa
    • Create w Gateway for Advertisers into DCL
    • Advertise DAO initiatives more efficiently inside Decentraland
  • Users will gain access to new promotional tools
  • Creators will be able to design and sell their Advertising 3D builds on the Market – just like Wearables or Emotes
  • Name holders may receive an automatic initial budget for communication
  • Automate: map branding, wear-to-earn, Events and Places advertising, data collection and more

ADSHARES provides a full stack of advertising technology solutions based on blockchain:

  • ADSHARES blockchain and coin ($ADS – used for transactions, staking, and governance)
  • ADSHARES data protocol – called the Real-Time-Bidding on blockchain s well as creating advertising networks
  • ADSHARES Ad Servers – the user interface to manage ad campaigns

How the new feature will be implemented:

  • Full integration of ADSHARES blockchain with Decentraland, including
    • Automatic zero-fees bridging $ADS to $MANA
    • Wallet connection
  • Integration of Decentraland-owned media with the protocol:
    • Plazas (Genesis, Soho, Forest, Art)
    • Roads (road-signs)
    • Tram stops
  • Creating a “Decentraland Ad Server/ Marketplace”, based on „
  • Adjusting the GUI/ Ad Server to Marketplace

Cost structure

ADSHARES investment – internal (man-hours) – to be covered by the Grant

Ad Server – $10K

ADSHARES reward – 0,001% transaction fee


Hi Jacek.

I think this proposal is a great and ambitious idea. It has the potential to create a more robust and organized system for advertising in Decentraland, which is definitely needed as the platform continues to grow.

Positive elements are that it could bring more visibility and exposure to brands and businesses in Decentraland, and it could create a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for users looking to advertise. Also, it could create new revenue streams for content creators, landowners, and Foundation.

One possible concern is that if this proposal will be submitted to the DCL DAO for a grant, it will be crucial to emphasize the benefits it could bring to the community, DAO, and Foundation. In light of the ongoing controversy surrounding grants voting, presenting a clear and concise overview of the marketplace’s potential advantages will be essential. It’s worth noting that this controversy is often due to a few whales making decisions that go against the will of the majority.

Looking forward to seeing how this idea progresses and how we can help implement it.


This proposal suggests creating a Decentraland Advertising Marketplace, which would serve as a standard and platform for advertising in Decentraland. This would be based on the Adshares blockchain and data protocol and would enable a decentralized advertising marketplace for managing advertising space and campaigns across Decentraland.


  • Provides a standardized platform for advertising in Decentraland, making it easier for advertisers to manage their campaigns and for publishers to monetize their space.
  • Enables DAO governance over advertising in Decentraland and creates a new revenue stream for the DCL Foundation.
  • Offers a gateway for advertisers to reach the DCL community and promotes DAO initiatives more efficiently inside Decentraland.
  • Users would gain access to new promotional tools, and creators could design and sell their advertising 3D builds on the market.
  • Provides automation for map branding, wear-to-earn, events and places advertising, data collection, and more.


  • The proposal does not address the potential concerns of users who may find advertising disruptive to their experience in Decentraland.
  • The cost of the proposed advertising marketplace is not clearly defined, and there may be additional costs associated with using the Adshares blockchain and data protocol.
  • There may be technical challenges in integrating the Adshares blockchain with Decentraland and ensuring that it operates smoothly and efficiently.
  • There may be resistance from existing advertising providers who may feel that the proposal competes with their business.

Overall, the Decentraland Advertising Marketplace proposal has the potential to provide a standardized and regulated platform for advertising in Decentraland, which could benefit both advertisers and publishers. However, there may be challenges to implementing the proposal, and it will be important to address any concerns from users who may find advertising disruptive to their experience in Decentraland.


I will say this; it looks like a complete, well-thought-out business plan. With such a precisely described plan, it is difficult to add anything clever. :slight_smile:

Such accurate recognition shows how great the possibilities can be in the metaverse. This made me realize that we are only at the beginning of this journey.

It’s great that there are visionaries like JACEXADS in the team.

I keep my fingers crossed for the implementation of this idea.

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Hi. Thank you for submitting this idea.
I think it is also necessary to create Adblocker for ads in the metaverse. It could be ADS and MANA or NFT’s that blocks the ads.

We need decentralised tools for blocking ads.

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The creation of such a marketplace will undoubtedly find its place in the advertising goals set out for Adshares making advertisng easy for all big and small. By implementing this throughout numerous metaverses, ADS will for sure become huge when the metaverse really takes off.

  1. Easy access to all that is advertising in the metaverse
  2. Wider reach
  3. Increased Traffic for Adshares
  4. Cost
  5. Technical Know how

The need to create a decentralized advertising marketplace for Decentraland, based on Adshares blockchain and data protocol, as it becomes an increasingly attractive destination for brands and advertisers, however, most advertising is still conducted outside of Decentraland, which makes it difficult to manage ad space and ad campaigns. The creation of an official “Decentraland Advertising Marketplace” would solve these problems and provide a standard for the advertising market in Decentraland. The article emphasizes that Adshares is the best positioned solution because the company already meets all the selection criteria and already supports a fully functioning ad server/marketplace. To sum up, advertising has always been and will remain the driving force of the economy, and in Decentraland it is already ubiquitous.

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  1. Greater transparency in ad transactions.
  2. Reduced fees for advertisers and publishers.
  3. Increased trust among market participants.
  4. Democratization of ad market, allowing smaller players to participate.


  1. Potential for increased competition among publishers.
  2. May require significant resources for implementation and maintenance.
  3. Possibility of regulatory challenges in some jurisdictions.
  4. Adoption may take time, as market participants adapt to the new system.

Conclusion: Adshares would benefit from a decentralized ad marketplace, as it aligns with their mission of bringing transparency and efficiency to the advertising industry. This proposal has the potential to disrupt the traditional ad market, empowering advertisers and publishers while reducing costs. Implementation may face challenges, but the long-term benefits for the market, clients, and partners make it a worthwhile endeavor.

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