Integration of Adshares DAO with Metamask for Enhanced User Experience

Intro: The proposal aims to integrate Adshares DAO with Metamask, a widely used cryptocurrency wallet, to provide a seamless user experience for the Adshares community. This integration will simplify the process of staking, voting, and interacting with the Adshares DAO by eliminating the need for additional authentication.

Motivation: Adshares DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that relies on the community’s participation to make important decisions about the project’s future. However, the current process of interacting with the DAO can be cumbersome and requires multiple steps, including setting up a separate wallet and verifying identity on the Adshares platform. This process may discourage some community members from participating in the DAO. By integrating Adshares DAO with Metamask, community members can easily interact with the DAO, thereby increasing participation and engagement.

Specification: The integration of Adshares DAO with Metamask will require the development of a smart contract that enables users to interact with the DAO through their Metamask wallet. The smart contract will allow users to stake ADST tokens, vote on proposals, and participate in other DAO activities without the need for additional authentication. The integration will also include a user-friendly interface that will make it easy for community members to navigate and use the DAO functionalities.


  1. Develop and test the smart contract for Adshares DAO integration with Metamask (2 weeks)
  2. Develop the user interface for Adshares DAO integration with Metamask (2 weeks)
  3. Conduct extensive testing of the integration to ensure security and functionality (1 week)
  4. Launch the integration on the Adshares platform (1 week)

Timeline: The proposed timeline for the integration of Adshares DAO with Metamask is 6 weeks from the start date.

Cost: The estimated cost for the integration of Adshares DAO with Metamask is 5000 ADST tokens, which will cover the cost of development, testing, and implementation.

Risks: The primary risk associated with this proposal is the potential for security vulnerabilities in the smart contract code. However, the development team will conduct extensive testing to ensure that the integration is secure and functional before launching it on the Adshares platform. Additionally, the team will continuously monitor the integration to ensure that it remains secure and free from vulnerabilities.

This is a very interesting proposal to integrate Adshares DAO with the Metamask wallet, which will allow for easier interaction with the DAO and increase the participation of community members. The proposal involves the development of a smart contract and user interface, as well as extensive testing to ensure security and functionality. Estimated integration cost is 5,000 ADST tokens. The risk is a potential code vulnerability, but the development team will test and monitor the integration to ensure its security. Everything is well thought out about this Adshares DAO integration with Metamask.

While I find this to be an interesting idea worth considering, I’m not certain about the technical feasibility of this implementation. It’s not my area of expertise, but I understand that the team must have evaluated it at some point.

The advantages are the possibility of allowing more users to participate in DAO voting and simplifying the user experience for members.

On the other hand, I believe it could lead to fewer users deciding to use the ADS wallet, which from what I understand has an important function in the network’s operation by validating transactions and making it sustainable.

If I had to vote, I would prefer to abstain and hear from more knowledgeable people on the topic.