Integration of Adshares with Google Ad Manager

Intro: The proposal aims to integrate Adshares with Google Ad Manager, a widely-used digital advertising platform. This will enable Adshares to tap into a broader market, thus increasing the adoption of the Adshares blockchain and protocol.

Motivation: Google Ad Manager is one of the most popular digital advertising platforms with a vast reach. By integrating Adshares with this platform, we can potentially expose millions of digital advertisers and publishers to the advantages of blockchain-based ad tech, such as improved transparency, reduced fraud, and direct payments.

Specification: The integration would involve developing an API that allows for the seamless transfer of data between Adshares and Google Ad Manager. This would include ad performance data, financial transactions, and user data (while maintaining compliance with privacy regulations).


  1. Establish a partnership agreement with Google Ad Manager.
  2. Develop the API for integration.
  3. Test the API in a controlled environment.
  4. Launch a pilot program with a select group of advertisers and publishers.
  5. Gather feedback and make necessary improvements.
  6. Roll out the integration to all users.


  • Agreement and Development: 3 months
  • Testing: 1 month
  • Pilot Program: 3 months
  • Full Rollout: 6 months from the start date

Cost: The cost would involve API development, testing, and marketing for the new integration. Estimated cost would be $150,000.

Risks: The primary risks include potential resistance from Google Ad Manager, technical issues during the integration process, and a lack of adoption by advertisers and publishers.

  • YES
  • NO

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In my opinion, the advertising market is such a “tasty morsel” that it will be difficult to implement such an idea. The market is hermetic and centralized. And Adshares has a completely different mission and implements decentralization. acc. It’s a completely different way of doing things for me. Centralized companies have no interest in promoting decentralization based on blockchain, unless it would be “their blockchain”