Let's make some noise, let him hear about us

Introduction: My proposal is for weekly/monthly social games. During a bull market you can sell almost anything, even crap, but during a bear market you have to try harder to grow your community. In my opinion, the best way to do this is with free $ADS tokens. The quantity is not really important.

Motivation: People love freebies. On other servers, I’ve noticed that games like Marble on Twitch, poker tournaments, etc. bring people together and strengthen the community. They say much more and not only about the project, which will definitely pay off in the future for @Adshares. I meet many new friends this way. If you feel part of the project, you bring your family, friends, colleagues, etc. In my opinion, games like Marble on Twitch will bring us lots of fun, new friendships, new investors and some free tokens for the lucky winners.

Specification: The introduction of such solutions does not require special specifications, possibly creatures to create and manage the game.

Timeline: The idea can be implemented immediately.

Cost: Give away a certain amount of $ADS as a reward

Risk: None, in the absence of willing people, you can simply resign from the solution.

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I’m for. The question is who would organize it? @Rafal_K

Hi Rafal,

I can see where you’re coming from and I’m also concerned about growing the Adshares community.

As a start-up, which can potentially revolutionize digital advertising - not just Metaverse and games - but the advertising market in general - we are trying to build a more ad-tech oriented community.

We would like to increase our presence and authority in the ad industry, involve more people to help us spread the word, also in the ad community.

It doesn’t mean we forget all the Web3 community - but even here - we’re focusing on Metaverse creators or people responsible for promoting those projects.


This being said, I have two major reservations:

  1. Marketing based on giving away the coin doesn’t feel like the way to increse adoption or value
  2. Weekly games might be a way to kill time - once we have a huge, professional community trying to develop the protocol, which I am not seeing currently
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