Multilingual Website for Adshares


The proposal aims to enable the option of different languages on the Adshares website to expand the brand’s reach to other markets. This will be achieved by using an automatic translation widget and subsequent review by native speakers of those languages.


As the Adshares project continues to grow and expand, it is important to ensure that the website is accessible to a wider audience. By adding multilingual support, the website can reach potential users in other countries and attract more people to the project. Language can be a barrier for some users interested in the project, and there are potential markets such as Spanish-speaking with 470 million native speakers or Chinese with 980 million, of which it is estimated that 20% speak English as a second language.


The proposed solution is to use a more reliable automatic translation plugin, such as Polylang or Weglot, to translate the website into different languages. These options often have free options available. A team of native speakers will then review the translations to ensure accuracy and make any necessary adjustments. The website will also have a language switcher button, allowing users to easily switch between languages.


  1. Research and select an automatic translation widget to use
  2. Implement the widget on the website
  3. Form a team of native speakers to review translations
  4. Make any necessary adjustments to the translations
  5. Add a language switcher button to the website


  • Research and selection of translation widget: 1 week
  • Implementation of widget on website: 1 weeks
  • Review by native speakers: 2 weeks
  • Making adjustments: 1 week
  • Adding language switcher button: 1 week
  • Total: 6 weeks


The cost of this proposal will depend on the specific translation widget selected, as well as any necessary expenses for forming the team of native speakers.


One risk with this proposal is that the translations may not be accurate, which can lead to confusion for users. This risk can be mitigated by having a team of native speakers review the translations. Another risk is that the cost of this proposal may be higher than expected if the free version of a plugin may not work correctly and we must resort to a paid version. This risk can be mitigated by researching and selecting a cost-effective translation widget.

  • YES
  • NO

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Advantages for sure is to increase awareness people which are not fluent in current langues and some of them may be still interested because they can easily understand the ideas.
Disadvantages is cost for sure and make sometimes bugs and misunderstanding.

The priority of the application is rather low, but it is worth doing it sometime. I sometimes use a basic google translete of some single specific word of technical implement, to better understand what project really is. Many begginer have big problem, have to spend such a time to introduce themselve about project significants. Plugin like your proposal, could engage a bit more some new users to interest project and sink in more to it. So, I’m voting ‘yes’, but have some doubts. Some risk about it as I see, english is a common language, rather it shouldn’t be, so hard for users to overcome this language barrier. Also engaging native speakers could be a bit hard. Bad translation could may have opposite to intended effect. First time see here option to vote :stuck_out_tongue: Earlier proposals should have this option also, outcomes would be interesting.

In my opinion definitly yes. We all know about english is a global language, but that what 0xLean sayed, not for all is first to use, and if we want be more available, we should be more open for other languages.

And the most important of this idea is that is a one job to do, and after that in more of time we don’t need to do with it.

Any mistakes, people can report in Crew3, so it’s super cheap solution to fixed if somewhere will be for example any typo.

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In my opinion, such an option is not a priority action to be taken at the moment. At this point, Google Translate is already at a very good level when it comes to translating pages into basically all languages ​​of the world. Which makes the Adshares site open to everyone in the world anyway. In my opinion, it makes no sense to spend time and effort to manually create a website for many languages. It would take more time than it could bring real value. In your proposal, the time to work on this task would take 6 weeks, I think that in reality the work would be even longer.

A very valid proposition. Although English is the primary international language, the South American and Asian markets have great potential for both people and capital for investment. A multilingual option would be a great asset for the project, showing exposure to the whole world and to the individual person. Of course, attention should be paid to various types of translation errors, especially in technical matters of the project.

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It may be a good idea, but I’m not sure if it is that neccessary for now. Usually people in the cryptocurrencies ‘world’ should know the English language well, also they always can use the automatic translation offered by Chrome (or other browser)- it’s not the best, but usually enough. Finding special widgets and native speakers is an additional cost which can be used more efficient now in futher project development. But I found useful translating to specific language if there is an idea to promote the project on specific market/ to a specific group of recipients (like Asian etc).

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Hi :slight_smile: In my opinion, this is a good and interesting idea. On the plus side here will be joining a community that does not know English or speaks it to a very limited extent, but is willing to learn new things and the project. In this case, the language barrier can be an obstacle. The downside, in turn, will be a possible problem with the translation, as there may be understatements in the technical language. Nevertheless, it will be a great help for people thirsty for knowledge!

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After reviewing the idea of creating a multilingual website for Adshares, I believe there are several advantages and disadvantages to consider.


  1. A multilingual website would increase Adshares’ global reach by catering to non-English speaking audiences. This could result in increased adoption and usage of the platform.
  2. By providing content in multiple languages, Adshares could establish itself as a more inclusive and diverse platform, which could attract new users and partners.
  3. A multilingual website could also help Adshares better communicate with its international partners and clients, leading to better business relationships.


  1. Creating and maintaining a multilingual website can be costly and time-consuming, particularly for a startup like Adshares.
  2. It can be difficult to maintain consistency in branding and messaging across multiple languages.
  3. Translations may not always accurately convey the intended meaning, leading to potential misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Overall, I believe that a multilingual website would be a beneficial addition to Adshares. While there are certainly challenges to consider, the potential benefits outweigh the drawbacks. A multilingual website would allow Adshares to expand its reach and better communicate with its international partners and clients. This, in turn, could lead to increased adoption and usage of the platform, ultimately benefiting the market, clients, and partners. However, Adshares should carefully consider the costs and resources required to create and maintain a high-quality multilingual website before moving forward with this idea.

I have mixed feelings about the proposal. I will abstain from voting. On the one hand, it is obvious that each new language version can attract new users. On the other hand, English is a “supra-national” language and it is difficult to navigate in today’s world, especially crypto, without a basic knowledge of this language. The advantage of the English language is also its ease. It must be admitted that it is one of the easier languages ​​in the world.

There is certainly no point in implementing translations into languages ​​where the crypto market is not popular. Perhaps language versions such as Chinese, Turkish, Korean make sense.

Unfortunately, I can’t decide if the proposal is worth implementing. I don’t vote.

Being able to reach a multitude of different speaking countries is a huge plus. I know the English language is the dominant language of the world but having this widget implemented can only do more good for the Adshares website.

  1. Further reach of different nations
  2. More traffic to the website


  1. Poor translation to different languages
  2. Inadequate installation of widget
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