New temporary Twitter profile

Title: New temporary Twitter profile

Intro: Creation of a new temporary Twitter profile to replace the temporarily blocked official profile.

  • Motivation: Twitter is the basic tool for the initial research of cryptocurrency projects. The absence of a profile is very strange and can lead to guesses that something bad is going on. There are a lot of scam projects in the cryptocurrency world and users are oversensitive to such “red” lights. This can try to gain confidence and potential new users or investors. In my opinion, it’s one of the most important things to have a Twitter account (whatever). Otherwise, I don’t see much of a dream to shill the project on Twitter or tweet about the project if there isn’t even an account to refer to. In addition, explaining to each person, e.g. on Discord, why there is no account would be unnecessary, because full information would be on a substitute account.

  • Specification: On a temporary profile, it should be clear that it is temporary and why it is temporary. The profile should contain information that this profile will be active only until the previous one is unlocked. I think that you should also enter news there as in the previous profile, because in my opinion it is better to have information on a temporary profile than no information at all. The profile should be similar to the previous one, but with a clear indication that it is temporary.

  • Timeline: Immediately. We don’t know when the official account will return. It’s a waste of time and a potential loss of good name or trust.

  • Cost: There are no costs - only a few minutes to set up this profile on Twitter.

  • Risks: I see no threats, only positives.

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I fully agree with this idea. As other accounts with the same issue have been without updates for over 40 days, it’s important to take action promptly.

Two pros of creating a temporary profile are that it will help to gain the confidence of potential new users or investors and that it will provide a way to share information about the project with the community. However, a potential con could be that some people may get confused or skeptical about why there are two accounts for the same project.

Overall, I believe this is a good solution to maintain communication with the community and prevent any potential loss of trust or reputation. The profile should clearly indicate that it is temporary and provide updates until the original account is unlocked. I don’t see significant costs or risks associated with creating a temporary profile, so it should be done immediately.

The current AIP idea on Adshares Forum is to create a temporary Twitter profile to increase the reach of the platform’s marketing efforts. In my opinion, this idea has both advantages and disadvantages that must be considered.


  • A temporary Twitter profile could generate more traffic and attention to Adshares since Twitter is a popular social media platform.
  • It could help to promote Adshares’ brand and services to a wider audience.
  • More people can be informed about Adshares’ updates, news, and other information via Twitter.
  • It could be cost-effective since it is not necessary to hire a social media manager to handle the temporary account.


  • The temporary Twitter account may not gain enough followers and engagement to justify the effort.
  • It might be challenging to manage and maintain two Twitter accounts (the main one and the temporary one).
  • There is a possibility of confusion and conflicting information between the two accounts.
  • The temporary profile may be perceived as spammy or not trustworthy by Twitter users.

In conclusion, I think Adshares should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of creating a temporary Twitter profile before implementing it. While it could potentially help to increase brand awareness and attract new clients, the platform should also evaluate potential drawbacks like increased workload and brand image.

Thank you for opinion. It is very factual and thoughtful. In my opinion, however, the listed threats are rather unlikely. This should not be a problem as long as it is properly marked and explained that this is a temporary profile and that it will be suspended once the main profile is accessed.

The current situation can be very confusing for new users. I described this in more detail in my proposal. Notice that there is a link to twitter on our website and it says “account does not exist”. If you do not want to create a new Twitter account, you should deactivate this link from the website (and from Crew3) or add that the account does not exist at the moment.

It’s like “no big deal”, but with details like this you can
worsen the image in the eyes of people who are disturbed by such things.