Partnerships write about Adshares v2.0

Because previous version was too short, even though there wasn’t much to add to it, I’ve expanded it to make more to read. I hope there is enough text now. I created new AIP because I don’t have option to edit previous topic.

I don’t know is it possible, but in my opinion Adshares should contact with partnerships and trying to persuade for example one per month executing one post in twitter about Adshares What is it, any news etc

Motivation: Free project advertising, other projects from the metaverse will learn about Adshares, strengthening relationships with partners, New users who learn about Adshares, potential new hodlers.

Specification: We don’t need nothing special.

Steps/Milestones: Prepare offer with all arguments why partner should write about Adshares. And if project is real partner then we should demand any support from him, and its absolutly normal.
Regular (1-2 per months) send to partners project news and any ideas and ready twitt about which topics partner can tweet. We can also prepare any graphics to use by partners, or for draw inspiration by them

Timeline: The sooner we start, the better. However, the duration is indefinite, because it will be a process lasting throughout the period of cooperation.

Cost: The only cost is the time that will be spent on preparing an offer with all the arguments for implementing this solution by partners. And time to regularly prepare project news and ideas for topics such tweets could be shared about.

Risks: No risk

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A very good idea in my opinion. Currently, there are no projects that would write about #ADSHARES. The only information appears by participants in CREW3. Entries by cooperating companies would be useful, which will certainly increase the reach and knowledge of the public.
The idea does not require large financial outlays, but the benefits can be huge.
In addition, the community will help spread such posts on social media.
I don’t see any downsides to this proposal.

It’s good that you noticed it, the idea is cool, but I don’t know if it fits into the form of the AIP proposal. In principle, such ex officio partnerships should result in posting their tweets together. So it’s not a form of proposal, but a valuable note for the team. What’s more, #Adshares should also post their partners’ tweets and as we can see, it’s rather not on both sides.

I absolutely agree with you. I miss Adshares being more involved in social media to be more and more recognizable, they have solid grounds for it. And as you mentioned, it would be worth creating content, e.g. tweets proving that a given partnership is valuable and that projects really work together and can boast of their joint achievements. I’m for!

Pretty good idea in my opinion. Now that the mood of the market is starting to change to a more positive one, it is worth starting wider marketing activities. My only concern is the ‘cost’. It seems to me that serious business partners do not operate in the form of an exchange of services and it is worth offering them a specific gratification, even a symbolic one. It would also be a more credible advertisement if the potential partner really believes in the project, will be a hodler himself and will publish content that will not sound ‘falsely’, because it will discourage new users.