Partnerships write about Adshares

I don’t know is it possible, but in my opinion Adshares should contact with partnerships and trying to persuade for example one per month executing one post in twitter about Adshares What i sit, any news etc

Motivation: Free project advertising, other projects from the metaverse will learn about Adsharesstrengthening relationships with partners.

Specification: We don’t need to much. We can one per month prepare special shortcut of ADS news with example graphics to use and we send it to partnerships

Steps/Milestones: Just do it.

Timeline: all the time

Cost: Very low

Risks: No risk

Eeee… Hmmm… How to say… a great idea and so obvious that it’s stupid that no one else wrote it before. This is how it should look like and this is how it looks in a “healthy” business. Good projects should support each other. Writing a tweet or an article once a month or once a week should not be a problem. This should be the norm for good projects, with no distinction as to which project is bigger or more important. As you wrote, it costs nothing, and there are only benefits for both parties. GOOD IDEA!!!

After reviewing the current AIP ideas on Adshares Forum, I would like to provide feedback on the idea “Adshares as a Service.”


  • Adshares as a Service would allow businesses and individuals to easily access and utilize Adshares’ advertising platform without having to set up and maintain their own infrastructure.
  • This could potentially increase adoption of Adshares as a platform, as it would lower the barrier to entry for new users.
  • Adshares as a Service would provide a new revenue stream for Adshares, as they could charge a fee for providing the service.


  • There may be concerns around data privacy and security, as users would be entrusting their advertising data to a third-party service provider.
  • Adshares would need to carefully manage the pricing and availability of the service to ensure that it remains competitive with other advertising platforms.
  • Providing Adshares as a Service may require additional resources and investment from Adshares, which could divert attention and resources away from other aspects of the project.

Conclusion: Overall, Adshares as a Service could be a beneficial addition to the Adshares platform, providing a new revenue stream and potentially increasing adoption. However, there are also concerns around data privacy and security, as well as the additional resources and investment required to provide the service. Adshares would need to carefully consider these factors before implementing the idea, and ensure that they are able to provide a high-quality and secure service that remains competitive in the market.

I like this idea. I believe that leveraging the synergy between projects that are in the same space is a tool that should be used more often. Currently, the web3 world is still a niche, and taking advantage of existing partnerships is a good idea to spread the word about the project and make it known. Especially now that we have a temporary backup Twitter account, I think we should take advantage of this initiative.

Two benefits of this would be that it provides free project advertising and strengthens relationships with partners. On the other hand, a possible drawback could be that some partnerships may not be interested in promoting Adshares on their social media channels.

Overall, I think it’s worth exploring this idea. The cost would be very low, and there is no risk involved.