Partnerships write about Adshares

I don’t know is it possible, but in my opinion Adshares should contact with partnerships and trying to persuade for example one per month executing one post in twitter about Adshares What i sit, any news etc

Motivation: Free project advertising, other projects from the metaverse will learn about Adsharesstrengthening relationships with partners.

Specification: We don’t need to much. We can one per month prepare special shortcut of ADS news with example graphics to use and we send it to partnerships

Steps/Milestones: Just do it.

Timeline: all the time

Cost: Very low

Risks: No risk

Eeee… Hmmm… How to say… a great idea and so obvious that it’s stupid that no one else wrote it before. This is how it should look like and this is how it looks in a “healthy” business. Good projects should support each other. Writing a tweet or an article once a month or once a week should not be a problem. This should be the norm for good projects, with no distinction as to which project is bigger or more important. As you wrote, it costs nothing, and there are only benefits for both parties. GOOD IDEA!!!