Promotion for advertisements in Decentraland in the "bear market"


I suggest making a promotion for trial implementations of ads in Decentraland


There is not much interest in the bear market to implement ads in the metaverse. Most Adshares banners in Decentraland are empty. It is worth that these banners display content other than just encouraging to rent. Our goal must be to encourage people to take advantage of Adsheres. Showing our capabilities. The bear market is a good time for education - for educating our potential clients as well. Let’s promote, let’s show, let’s teach. This will definitely pay off in the future.


Let’s create a promotional campaign for new users, or for key users, maybe influencers. Let’s give them our know-how, let’s help create a substantive, graphically nice campaign. Let’s make our community meetings in those places where “promotional” advertisements will appear. Let’s invite these projects, influencers there.


  1. Let’s create a promotional offer for renting banners.
  2. Let’s come up with a proposal to cryptocurrency projects, companies from the real world, influencers and show them what a “virtual banner” looks like in practice.


Temporary promotional campaign. I am thinking of two options: 2 weeks and 1 month. After the promotion period, a proposal to extend the campaign at normal prices. By the way, a request to recommend promotions to others to increase the “network effect”


I can’t define it precisely. It seems that the costs are not large compared to the potential profit. It depends on the scale of promotion and the scope of promotional services. I think that this promotional campaign should be as “troublesome” as possible for the client, or some of the work should be done by the Adshares team. So you have to include the costs of “customer service”.


The risk is that many entities will take advantage of the promotion, but will not use it under normal conditions. However, I think the potential profit is worth the risk. I think it may pay off in the future, in a bull market

That sounds interesting! We had similar program: Adshares Premium Advertiser program long time ago and we can do it again.
Let’s say we are able to find a few thousand ADS to cover this, how could we engage DAO and community to find best advertisers that can me customers after it?

It is important to determine the scope of the program, i.e. whether the program concerns only costs or assistance in the entire process of creating a campaign and to what extent.

If most of the work will be on our side, there will probably be a lot of people willing to try the product. It won’t cost them time or commitment. I think about it from my point of view. If someone wants to offer me free or promotional advertising and it won’t involve me in time, then why not go for it.

I think there are a few options to think about:

  • influencers - people who run streams or have their own channels that deal with the subject of the metaverse, would probably be happy to try such a product and announce that “they have their own banner”. Especially influencers who cooperate or are active on Decentraland

  • projects/companies/institutions having their events in Decentraland - an ideal opportunity for advertising during events

These are just some ideas that came to my mind at the moment.

It is important to have a specific offer developed and then you can look for potential customers and how to reach them

Your suggestion is a great idea. A kind of free trial would be an effective way to test the waters and see how users respond. Additionally, by offering support you are creating a positive experience for users and educating them on the workings of the Adshares protocol.

One positive aspect of this promotion is that it could lead to increased interest in Adshares and a wider reach for the platform. Furthermore, a temporary promotional campaign could bring in more users and clients who may continue to use the platform even after the promotion ends. (Could we also consider a “freemium” offer?)

On the flip side, there is a risk that some entities may take advantage of the promotion but not use it under normal conditions.

However, considering the potential profit, the risk is worth taking. Ultimately, in my opinion it’s a great opportunity to educate potential clients and demonstrate the capabilities of Adshares.

@Homer What do you think about making the search for potential advertisers part of the community tasks in Crew3?

A very interesting proposal :+1:. Maybe even sharing a few or a dozen banners for testing purposes to check the operation of the protocol and familiarize yourself with this type of technology is a great solution. We are still in a situation where the crypto market has low interest, especially among web2 entities, which is why this form of promoting Adshares and their solutions for the advertising industry, combined with help in introducing new people to the metaverse, is very attractive.

As for me, this proposal does not make sense, after all, the team is doing it right now. After all, they left it alone, a bit of a duplicate and pointless.

In metaverses we haven’t got a lot of people now. So we have to invite them to this metaverse, after that we should convince to stay with this metaverse and adshares. Maybe we can organise many games on our meetings or quests?

Running this promotional campaign sounds like it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring more awareness and having more banners filled throughout decentraland. as stated in the proposal alot of banners are empty so having them filed if only a few days or weeks will help spread the adshares name.


  1. Allowing companies to acutally use the banners and decide if its something they want to continue using
  2. Reaching a wider audience outside of crypto


  1. Agree with just using the free promotion and then not paying after the promotion has expired
  2. Not enough users in decentraland during the bear market

After reviewing the proposal on the Adshares forum regarding promotion for advertisements in Decentraland, I have the following constructive opinion to share:


  • This proposal could open up a new market for Adshares, allowing them to tap into the growing popularity of decentralized virtual worlds like Decentraland.
  • As an early adopter in this space, Adshares could gain a first-mover advantage and establish a strong foothold in the Decentraland advertising market.
  • Decentraland’s user base is highly engaged and could provide a valuable audience for Adshares’ clients.


  • Decentraland is still a relatively new platform, and its user base may not yet be large enough to justify a significant investment in advertising.
  • The volatility of the cryptocurrency market may also present a risk for Adshares’ clients who are looking to invest in advertising on Decentraland.
  • Adshares would need to build up expertise and resources in the area of advertising in virtual worlds in order to effectively execute this proposal.

Conclusion: Overall, the idea of promoting advertisements in Decentraland could be a promising opportunity for Adshares, but it also presents some risks and challenges. Adshares would need to carefully evaluate the potential return on investment and the resources required to execute this proposal. Additionally, they would need to ensure that they are able to provide their clients with the expertise and support necessary to succeed in this new market.