Title: Adshares Academy: Educating advertisers to use blockchain-based advertising solutions

Intro: The Adshares ecosystem is built on the foundation of blockchain technology, offering a transformative solution to the challenges that advertisers face. However, many advertisers still have limited knowledge about blockchain and may be hesitant to adopt a new system. This proposal suggests creating Adshares Academy, targeted at educating advertisers about blockchain technology and its benefits in advertising.

Motivation: By creating an educational platform like Adshares Academy, the Adshares ecosystem can increase its adoption amongst advertisers. The Academy will help the market by providing necessary education and knowledge to the target audience, which will make them more receptive to blockchain-based advertising solutions. Additionally, it will help the community by increasing the number of users in the ecosystem and generate revenue, which can be used for further development of the project.

Specification: Adshares Academy would be an online resource center that provides information, knowledge, and tutorials on blockchain technology and its implementation within the advertising sector. The topics will cover blockchain fundamentals, decentralization, tokenization, smart contracts, and advertising-specific topics like ad fraud, ads quality, and transparency. The Academy will be equipped with quizzes, assignment modules, forums, and discussion threads for learners to interact with each other and the facilitators.


  1. Develop a framework for Adshares Academy with course outlines, curriculum, and content creation guidelines.
  2. Assemble a team of experts to create, review, and maintain the content for the Academy.
  3. Develop a learning management system (LMS) to support course delivery, registration, assignments, discussions, and other learning activities.
  4. Launch Adshares Academy and advertise it to the targeted audience.
  5. Train and engage users through incentives, supporting them with forums and expert assistance, and encourage them to become Adshares ambassadors.


  1. Framework Development: 2 weeks
  2. Content Creation: 4-6 weeks
  3. LMS Development: 4 weeks
  4. Launch and User Engagement: 8 weeks

Cost: $100,000


  1. Lack of user participation
  2. Difficulty in recruiting experts in blockchain and advertising
  3. Competitors entering the market
  4. Technological challenges in developing the LMS
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Great idea, despite the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we are still at an early stage of social awareness, so the idea of educating and thus introducing new people to the world of web3 and blockchain technology can help promote Adshares and encourage them to use the project’s solutions. On the Polish scene, you can see the Zetly or TokenomiaPro projects, which work strongly when it comes to promotions through education … I am 100% for yes!


The idea intrigued me and I believe that the Adshares Academy can contribute to the education of advertisers on blockchain technology and increase the popularity of the Adshares ecosystem. However, there are also potential challenges and risks. There may be difficulties in attracting users and recruiting experts, competition with other projects, as well as costs and technological challenges associated with the development of a learning management system. There is also a risk of lack of interest from advertisers or difficulties in attracting users to the Adshares Academy. Competition with other educational platforms or similar projects may affect the popularity of the Adshares Academy.
There are also benefits that I noticed:
Educating advertisers about blockchain technology can help increase trust in the Adshares ecosystem and increase the number of users. The Adshares Academy can contribute to the development of the Adshares community by encouraging users to actively participate in discussions, exchange knowledge and interact with other users. The popularization of blockchain technology among advertisers may also contribute to the further development of the blockchain-based advertising sector.

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Full agree. It could be a great place to get new knowledge and exchange of experience. If you will also invite any specialists to present topics you can also opens for new community of this specialist which can be additional value to growth project.

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I fully endorse the creation of Adshares Academy, an educational platform that aims to onboard new members and educate them about blockchain technology and the advertising industry. The material recently added to the Adshares website in the Academy section is of high value, but a more structured and comprehensive platform would enhance the learning experience even further.

I believe this initiative could help the project grow and attract new specialists to the ecosystem. However, the costs and resources required for developing a LMS may be challenging at this stage. Nonetheless, I agree with the idea and think it would be interesting to explore other alternatives to carry it out at various phases.

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