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Introduction: Buying your own land in the SANDBOX metaverse!!! Nothing to add, nothing to take away and everything is known.

Motivation: Expansion to the next metaverse is only a matter of time, in order to develop and gain the community, we must be visible in the world with the greatest leaders in this industry. We are already in Decentraland, we have a partnership with Sandbox but buying our own land is another milestone ahead. We will be visible on the main map next to such giants as Binance, Atari. He can buy different sizes of land. On which we will build a building, and we can even arrange advertising campaigns or do tasks in the event, as is currently the case with other projects.

Specification: We need to buy land and its development and arrangement is a secondary matter. Surely at the beginning you can place an advertising banner, but Sandbox gives you great opportunities to organize events and is more recognizable and frequented than Decentraland.

Steps/Milestones: The first milestone is simply the purchase of land. One small plot currently costs around 1 ETH, which is $ 1,600 at the current exchange rate. The next step would be to arrange such a plot, but I think it would be considered in another proposal. But the one-time payment for the development of the land should be about $2,000. Or people already employed in Adshares will do it using available tools from Sandbox. As for the number of lands, I think that the team should decide how much money it can really spend on it.

Timeline: As long as the DAO and Team accept this proposal, the purchase can be made immediately.

Cost: Minimum $1600, buying 4 plots from $7000 and up depending on the location of the plot.

Risks: The threat is that metaverses will disappear or Sandbox will go bankrupt, and this would happen if the entire world of cryptocurrencies collapsed. So unlikely