We get metaverses with a bang

We get metaverses with a bang

Introduction: Partnership and at the same time entering the next metaverse, which is currently the largest competitor of Galla Games, going hit with ROBLOX. https://www.roblox.com/

Motivation: ROBLOX is currently one of the gaming leaders, it is a platform where hundreds of games made by various developers are made available. They get new users every day. Placing Adshares banners in games will somehow force users to watch advertising content. A lot of different games on the platform bring together players with different interests, which gives a greater probability of hitting the ad for a given consumer.

Specification: When it comes to establishing a partnership, you don’t need any tools, just a business conversation between the two companies.

Steps/Milestones: Of course, the implementation of advertising banners in the world of games requires programming, but we have already mastered this issue by introducing banners, e.g. at @decentraland.

Timeline: If the proposal would be accepted by the DAO, together with a free schedule, you can arrange business talks with ROBLOX

Cost: I am unable to determine the cost at this stage, probably ROBLOX demands a share of the profits from the advertising banner industry.

Risks: No risk, ROBLOX will accept our offer or not.

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Hi! As far as Roblox is concerned, this is a different topic than Decentraland. At this point, we distinguish between two types of metaverse - decentralized and centralized.

Due to the specifications of the Adshares protocol - we are targeting the decentralized ones, but we do not exclude the latter because the protocol can handle everything.

Ideologically, we are definitely in favor of decentralized units. Conversations with Roblox are not and will never be easy. Traditional businesses don’t often cooperate with crypto projects, but we are trying to break this barrier (we need to be a protocol for everyone, not just the crypto community).

For my part, I can say that implementing a protocol in Roblox would be a great idea, but we already know that the creators of this metaverse are not exactly eager to cooperate with crypto companies.

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True what @jacob.ads said.
Nonetheless - ADSHARES is an agnostic protocol that could be “plugged in” to any digital placement - even a billboard in Brookhaven or some sponsored Obby.

And I am ready to hop on a call and convince them there & then.

I just don’t have the number. As you said - all we need is a conversation.
For the conversation - we just need a way in.
If there’s anyone in the ADS fam who has any everage at Roblox - let’em know :slight_smile:

I’m all for it! And I also think that the Adshares protocol should pay more attention to games, so that the use of the protocol and the possibility of placing advertising campaigns by external companies should be also visible there. Gaming is developing all the time and there is a lot of money to introduce this type of solutions. I don’t know the Roblox game at all, but I know how popular it is, so if we managed to establish some cooperation with Roblox, it would probably spread widely and make a mega advertisement for Adhares. Nevertheless, talking to such a well-known web2 company can be difficult. However, it’s worth trying.

A very, very bold proposition. In life, I try to set high expectations for myself, but I also “measure my strength for intentions”. Despite the great respect for the Adshares team and the product they have, I think that at this stage the proposal has a very, very small chance of being implemented.

And I would really like that to happen because
I know Roblox quite well. My 11 year old son plays a lot on this platform. I even play with him sometimes. The game has an amazing development and is very popular. They have their native currency called “robux”. It is a huge profit-driven machine. Kids can spend hundreds of dollars a month on this game, just to buy new skins, new weapons, make private servers, etc.

Adshares partnership in the field of advertising with such a giant as Roblox, in my opinion … immediately top 10 on CoinGecko.

I wholeheartedly wish for such a partnership, but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible at the moment. As the previous speakers wrote, the traditional market does not have much confidence in the web3 market. For them, it’s still speculation and a potential scam. First, there must be a larger implementation of blockchain in general in real life, and then we can talk about specific solutions.

As long as an ordinary user is not familiar with and able to use the blockchain, large companies will be afraid to enter the blockchain, because they will be afraid to lose their good image on crypto speculation. For such a company, the correlation of potential profit to possible loss is too high.

I hope my opinion is wrong. :slight_smile:

For big things to happen must be willing to target the big players in their respected industries. If the team can somehow secure a partnership with ROBLOX that will be huge for the company no doubt.

  1. Securing a partnership with Roblox will bring more credibility to adshares
  2. Having banners in Roblox will bring in more individuals to find out what we are all about


  1. Won’t be easy convincing such a huge name
  2. Cost may be too high

Hi :slight_smile: I think it’s a good idea because of marketing and recognition in the community. Displaying advertisements and information about Adshares while playing will be a brilliant move. The downside here may be the possible lack of interest from the community and the cost of establishing cooperation with such a company (these are only my assumptions).

Ziag is a beast. This proposal is great. I don’t know any person who never play any game. Metaverse will grow when projects, worlds, companies will cross each other. You can access Roblox from apple, android, amazon and microsoft so Adshares can be recognize by gamers who are not familiar with crypto. I think both companies can make profits with that cooperation.

After reviewing the AIP idea titled “We get metaverses with a bang,” here are the advantages and disadvantages I could find:


  1. The proposed idea aligns with the current trend of Metaverse and can potentially help Adshares stay ahead of its competitors.
  2. If executed correctly, it can create new revenue streams for Adshares by tapping into the growing Metaverse market.
  3. The idea can also attract new clients and partners interested in Metaverse advertising and marketing.
  4. It can increase Adshares’ brand awareness and overall market visibility.


  1. The development of a Metaverse platform is a complex and time-consuming process, and there’s no guarantee of success.
  2. There’s a risk of diverting resources and focus away from Adshares’ core business, which could potentially harm the company’s growth.
  3. The Metaverse market is still in its early stages, and the ROI may not be immediate or significant.

In conclusion, I believe that the proposed idea has both potential benefits and risks for Adshares. While the idea aligns with the current trend and can create new revenue streams, it requires significant investment and may divert resources from the company’s core business. Therefore, before proceeding with the idea, Adshares needs to conduct thorough market research and carefully evaluate the potential ROI. If the company can manage to execute the idea effectively, it can lead to significant growth opportunities for Adshares in the long run.