"Wear To Earn as a Service" - an initial AIP

An ADSHARES-enabled monetization system for Metaverse wearables and avatars


ADSHARES protocol enables complete, end-to-end ad campaign management and tracking.
Our protocol enables direct and real-time ad settlement known from the RTB.
The protocol is accessed via an ad server, which serves as the interface with the protocol.
And all data is automatically registered on blockchain – transparently and widely available.
Our protocol has many potential use cases, some of them already implemented or being worked on:

  • Creating custom ad networks
  • Creating custom ad servers and private markets
  • Enabling wallet-based user segmentation and targeting
  • Integrating all digital advertising placements
  • Tracking and monetization of social media engagement
  • Data collection, effectiveness measurement and more

In this document, we’re outlining the issue of applying the Adshares protocol to digital onchain wearables.
At this point - the system is proposed for Decentraland, but in the future it could expand to other Avatar systems, like ReadyPlayerMe.

Digital Wearables – motivation

Online identities in the form of Avatars is bound to become the center of Metaverse economy. Users already spend billions of dollars on digital clothes, accessories, and utility.

In real life – consumers pay a premium to “become someone else’s advertising” by wearing their logo.

But what if users could get paid for wearing a digital promotional clothing and for actively helping to create wider adoption and stimulate traffic.


The possibility to earn cash for promoting events is a gig incentive, especially for new users, driving adoption and usage.
It enables advertisers to enhance their digital experiences and brand building efforts, by hiring “promotional hosts”

Wear-To-Earn Assumptions

ADSHARES ad servers are primarily used to run advertising campaigns. Banners, video, and other clickable or non-clickable forms.
This project assumes creation of an automated system, where Advertisers could provide users with a limited collection of connected wearables.

These wearables would be then distributed via the Marketplace or direct wallet airdrops to “Hosts”.

Each wearable is connected to the ADSHARES protocol – and the user is rewarded automatically for any predefined interaction within Decentraland.

These wearables may include, but are not limited to:

  • Promotional T-Shirts – think of “Visit the Fosterverse”
  • Full-body skins – like the one in the above picture
  • Accessories – like sings or neons in the above example

For a given, predefined “campaign period” – these wearables would automatically count interactions and transfer coins to the Host’s wallet.

Additional solutions will need to be implemented, such as:

  • Module for data collection
  • Module for interaction tracking – to eliminate potential abusers/ bots
  • Automated hosts, i.e. NPC’s (already available in Decentraland)

Technical assumptions

  • Exploration of the possibility of connecting a GLB object with:
    • The ADSHARES protocol
    • The current owner’s wallet
  • Exploration of smart contracts
    • To ensure that Advertiser may control the campaign timing
  • Exploration of the distribution model
  • Creating a bridge so that Users are rewarded in the native token
  • Implementing the WETAaaS (wear-to-ear as a service) as a scalable offer for marketers and other agencies

Next steps, timings and deliverables

  1. Discussion and iteration of the final proposal
  • defining the details
  1. Voting
  2. Contacting the Decentraland team
  3. Submission of the final proposal to DCL DAO
  4. Establishing a decentralized project team (ADSHARES or community?)
  5. Creating a workspace solution (Discord/ Telegam, others)
  6. Coding the thing, GitHub etc.

What do you think?


this is great idea, but i have idea too i saw so much all metaverse game using readyplayerme avatar, i think ADS must add tshirt or hoodie logo to be availabale on readyplayerme avatar. because not everyone plays decentraland too, ADS has to expand to other game / metaverse projects as well.


You’re absolutely right. I just saw a new utility for RPM Ready Player Me launches trial of generative AI avatar creator | VentureBeat - so there are new development all over the place!

I will look into the RPM ecosystem, but please help this move forward

Hi Jacek, as we talked about this at some point, I believe this can be a game-changer within Decentraland, for both advertisers and the platform’s economy. The idea of “Wear-to-Earn” as a service is great and I hope progress can be made to implement it.

The pros coming to my mind are clears:

. Provides a gig incentive for users, driving adoption and usage
. Offers advertisers a new way to enhance digital experiences and brand building efforts
. Automatic reward system for predefined user interactions (Chat with other citizens, clicks on the “Host’s” avatar that is linked to the brand website, or simply the time spent in a crowded land wearing the wearable)

Regarding the cons:

. The need to implement additional solutions to eliminate potential abuse, although bots may not be a problem as they log in as users and login with Metamask would be necessary for this case.
. Potential technical challenges in connecting the GLB object: my concern is about how the metaverse would respond to integrating these wearables in terms of user experience, given DCL’s limited current capability to run certain “heavier” objects.

However, love this proposal, and I hope we can move forward. I also like the idea of forming a decentralized and collaborative team to carry it out. Needless to say that you can count on me.

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Thank you, Lean,
I am ready to start working on it as well.

My only challenge is - I am not a DOER - so I need to ask for the DAO’s help in moving this thing forward, especially in terms of coding (I have a model GLB Skin procured and ready for experimentation).

The isses are:


We can create a telegram/ Discord sub-channel to exchange files and create an MVP.
Then, we’ll need a Proposal for DCL DAO
And it would be best if we support it with discussions on DCL Discord

I will edit the final Porposal and submit for voting this week


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Pretty cool idea. I have been a supporter of wearing company clothes in the metaverse from the beginning. And if you can make money from it, that’s a big deal. I am all for this idea. Of course, it takes a lot of work and dedication, but no one will even advertise for free, getting super-looking NFT clothes.

Do you think about something like The Polacy and flip-flops? For example T-shirt in metaverse with Adshares logo and if you’ve got this on your wallet/in metaverse you can get it in real world and wear on streets and meetings :slight_smile:

This is quite an astonishing idea. The ability to allow one to be able to earn by helping advertise through wearables I can see gaining a lot of eyes onto ADS.

  1. Bring big business into adshares looking for ways to advertise in the metaverse
  2. Revenue producing stream not only for adshares but also individuals


  1. How willing are metaverses to allow such a thing inside of their world